The Internet Research Lab conducts fundamental research examining how to improve the Internet and how we use it. Some of the research we have conducted includes:

Extending the reach of the Internet

Mesh network

A major focus of our research has been in the area of wireless mesh networks, which can be used to provide all-wireless networks. This is useful for community networks in urban areas and developing countries, as well as for disaster recovery or other situations where Internet infrastructure is not available.

Improving the core infrastructure of the Internet

We have conducted research in the areas of multicast routing and transport protocols, so that they work more effectively in wireless networks, particularly when users are mobile or when poor signal quality causes packets to be lost.

Enhancing the services the Internet offers

Internet applications offer the opportunity to broadly expand how people use the Internet. We have conducted research on peer-to-peer games and file sharing, as well as on improving the quality of streaming video applications.  Our current research directions are in the areas of social networking, cloud computing, and usability.